Centre of South Asian Studies

Interview: Shankarrao Deo

Interview number:121
Interviewer: Shanker, Uma
Interview date: 1970-03-27
Length 212 minutes
Condition notes: Microphone handling/switching noises throughout. Deo speaks very slowly.

Shankharrao Deo was First Secretary of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, 1920, and General secretary of the Congress, 1946-50, where he played a key role during the drafting of the Constitution of India and the transfer-of-power negotiations.

Coverage notes: 'Bal', 'Pal', and 'Lal'; Naoroji; Birth of National Movement; Constructive Programme; 'Black Acts'; Satyagraha; Tilak; Gandhi-Irwin Pact; Swaraj; Maharashtra Congress; jail/fasts; World War dilemma; Quit India; Constitution; transfer of power; spiritualising politics; 1919-1952

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